Your Home

When it comes to designing your home, 

TRUST is everything.

Selecting a designer can be overwhelming - you are trusting them to listen to your requirements and translate them into a design that meets your expectations. You might know exactly what you want or you may not have a clue. Either way, you want someone who can create a vision with you, not for you.  

Home Consultation

Not sure where to start?

Trying to determine if you love it or should list it?


This one on one consultation allows you to review improvement opportunities in your home with a design professional.

The meeting can provide you with a clear path forward whether you are looking to do minor updates, major updates or DIY projects.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost:  $250 + tax




 Have you been living with beige walls so long that you can not define your style?

Looking to start a major renovation or a new build and need a master vision for your style direction?  

Through a visioning session we will help you to fully understand your lifestyle, clearly define your unique needs and dive into your personal preferences in a visual format.

Duration: 90 minute interactive presentation

Cost:  $1250 + tax


Renovation &

New Builds

Want a home that supports your lifestyle?

Looking to bring your dream home to life?

We will work with you to define and support your project goals.

Duration: Let's Chat

Cost:  varies



You get overwelmed decor shopping because you love it all?

Want to make a large furniture investment with confidence?

Looking to infuse your home with charm based on your personal style?

This style guide will provide you with a framework that gives you the confidence to select pieces for your home that support your unique style.

Duration: Let's chat

Cost:  $2500