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Craft Services completed by 1080 Architecture.

Nicole worked on project team as Interior Designer

    Nicole Kell       


Nicole and Nicole have a long history together. Prior to starting studioen, the two first got to know each other while studying for their Registration exams. While working at separate architectural firms, they teamed up to design and build a VIP booth at Saskatchewan Fashion Week. Fast forward a few more years and the two made the decision to take advantage of their shared passion for interior design and co-founded studioen to see what they could create together.


Despite the fact they share the same name, occupation and vehicle make (zoom zoom) – their personality types could not be more different! Their unique skills, education and work experience balance each other and create a well-rounded and strong partnership.


    Nicole George                                   Nicole Kell       

Nicole Kell

Nicole George

Registered Interior Designer

Registered Interior Designer

KPMG Office completed by 1080 Architecture.

Nicole worked on project team as Interior Designer

Nicole believes that good design can make a positive impact in the way we work, live and play.  she takes an empathetic approach to design by looking at how a space can be defined by the users, not the other way around.  Nicole strives to create spaces that enhance community and energize us, while fostering a feeling of safety and inclusion.  Her spaces package functionality in beautiful and cohesive interiors.


Masters of Interior Design, 2011. HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands

Bachelor of Environmental Design, 2008. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia





On the Board of Directors for Nuit Blanche Regina 

On the planning committee for Nuit Blanche Regina

Mentor for SIAST Students

Volunteered in Sask Fashion Week

Designed trees for Festival of Trees Fundraiser

Born and raised in Regina, Nicole knew early on that she wanted to pursue a job in the world of design. She began her professional career as a Technologist and has been working in the design and construction industry for over 11 years. She has a strong understanding and appreciation for the work that goes into every project from initial concepts to detailed drawings. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to bring a thoughtful, hardworking and calm presence to each project she is involved with. She enjoys being part of a team that helps bring a client’s dream to life while providing them with a space they can thrive in.


Diploma Architectural and Interior Technologies, SIAST Palliser Campus




Unit 415

2075 Prince of Wales Dr.

Regina, SK

S4V 3A3


NK: 306.201.9822

NG: 306.502.1171


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