Why Hire a Registered Interior Designer?

What is Interior Design?

-        Interior design is a distinct profession with specialized knowledge applied to the planning and design of interior environments that promotes health, safety and welfare while also supporting and enhancing the human experience. Interior design is founded upon human behavior theories and research. Designers apply evidence-based methodologies to identify, analyze and synthesize information in generating holistic, technical, creative and appropriate design solutions.
-        Interior designers have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect consumers and occupants through the design of code-compliant, accessible and inclusive interior environments that address well-being while considering the complex physical, mental and emotional needs of people.
-        Formal education is required and ongoing continuing education.


Why hire studioen ?


We provide a process tailored for the individual client and our service is unique to the project. Our work is founded on research and design principles as well as health and people-centric.

We are confident in our expertise and education which allows us to work collaboratively with our clients, contractors and project team.

We don't pretend to have the answers for everything and will work to find the appropriate solution.  We have spent years building a support network filled with individuals who are experts in their field.

We believe in continual education and growth which allows us to stay relevant in our field and meet challenges head on.