The link between people and your buildings

Let's put the statement 'Design Matters' to the test. Studioen believes in function before fashion and that people want to be in spaces that feel good. Good design supports your business, can attract your desired tribe and can, ultimately, make you money.  


This meeting is on us.


We want to understand what your current issues are, where you are going and how we can help get you there.

Cost: Free 90 minute coffee or lunch meeting 

Envision your Space 

Take us on a tour of your under-utilized properties. We can provide a user centered viewpoint to help you define a plan and reach your goals for the property


Cost: $500 for an on-site consultation 

Interior Design Services

Let's Chat.

We tailor our services to fit your specific requirements.

Cost: TBD


Business case

We look at your development plan or high level vision from a birds-eye view. We'll provide a summary of potential concepts that support your business case from a person-centric perspective.

Cost: TBD