Your Empire

You space is your biggest asset. 

Let's make it work for you.

Whether you work at home or at the office, your workspace should inspire you to be true to your goals, efficient and productive.   


Whether you need a small refresh or a full overhaul, a successful project starts with having confidence in your designer. This consultation allows us to learn more about your organization and your wish list while providing you the opportunity to learn about how we work.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: This one's on us



You have big dreams for your business. Maybe too many dreams and you don't know where to start. A visioning session with us will help refine and categorize those dreams, get all the key players on the same page and create a clear path forward.


Duration: 2-4 hour meeting

Cost: $3,000 

Interior Design


From concept development to  finalizing the height of your feature light fixture, we are with you every step of the way.

Our process can be tailored to suit your need for control or your hands-off approach where we hand you the keys to your finished space.


Duration + Cost: TBD 



Do you want to infuse your space with your brand or increase wellness of your staff?

Do you want to drive innovation and growth?

Your office space can support that and so much more! Ask us how.


Duration + Cost: Let's chat

Turning your space from 'The Office' to 'Suits'